Skin talk

Young, dreadlocked or tattooed in Nigeria? The police might harass or kill you! For decades young people have suffered harassment in the hands of rogue police units in Nigeria because of how they look.

However, right in the heat of the pandemic a global campaign against the police unit, known as the special anti-robbery squad, SARS started and this led to protests online and offline.

Young Nigerians have had their identities misrepresented because of how they choose to express their art and feelings through body art. ‘Why should what I have on my skin be a judge of my character?’ asks Alani, a young Nigerian creative.

In the 60’s, traditional tattoos were made popular by the Yoruba, Fulani and Hausa people. It was a form of identification and beautification. 

This body of work which is ongoing will also look at the history of the art and how it relates to the modern.

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